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Grants and regulations in England


What's of interest

Digital Land Maps are being Updated! The Rural Payments Agency are updating their digital land maps and this may affect the payment you receive for your Forestry Legacy scheme

New requirement to submit an annual claim                    Agreement holders for Farm Woodland Payments (FWP & FWPS) and English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Woodland Management Grant (WMG) must now submit a claim form each year to receive their scheduled payments.

Payments are changing
With the introduction of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), from 1 July 2015 your Forestry Commission grant payments in England will be made by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

What does this mean for you?
You don’t need to do anything, however you will now receive your remittance from the RPA. This new remittance will clearly show your claim number, scheme, year and a description of what the payment was for. Should you have a problem, please call the RPA Customer Service Centre using the telephone number on your remittance.

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