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Visiting our woodlands

The Forestry Commission is the biggest provider of recreation in the UK, and that most of that recreation is free. 

Family day out in the forest. Cardinham Woods. CornwallEvery year we welcome more than 50 million visits by people who come to relax and have fun in our forests and woodlands. 



Use our visitor guides for England and Scotland

If you are unsure what to expect, or are currently unable to visit a forest or woodland, we have created 'Our Forests in Your Home'. This provides some information and videos of wildlife, recreation options and climate change, so that you can experience some of the wonders our forests have to offer. 

You can also contact staff at the forest/woodland you would like to visit for further information on the activities available, as well as discuss any additional requirements/or support you may require during your visit.

More information:

T: 0300 067 5046.


Last updated: 21st September 2017